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An Evening in Monti

Posted on Sep 25, 2008 | 2 comments

I spend a lot of time in Monti, probably more time than in my own neighborhood, since it’s where my office is. This evening after grabbing a bite to eat with Katie Parla, I stopped to photograph the action in the square, Piazza Madonna dei Monti. I love how this small area strapped in between the noisy via Cavour and via Nazionale is still a haven of Romans (though now rich Romans instead of the working class as it used to be). I was captured by the guy fixing his iPod while still in his modern suit, all while sitting in the picturesque old world feel piazza. He definitely almost caught me taking photos, so I had to swerve and pretend I was photographing a fountain! Lastly I just had to capture the new street art on via Baccina that has popped up in the three weeks I was in the United States. Enjoy…..


  1. oh jessica, a true paparazzo…


  2. You know I’m just practicing for when Britney Spears comes to town 🙂

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