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Another Evening in Rome

Posted on Sep 28, 2008 | 2 comments

I know I know, more night shoots, but I’m normally in the office during weekdays and on the weekend, I admit I’m rather lazy until the evenings. I met up with some friends in the area near the Spanish Steps last night and used it as an excuse to take some photos, as I normally never venture out in that part of town (too expensive and not as much to do). We did discover, however, a great, and not expensive, enoteca featuring only Lazio wines, Palatium, on via Frattina. The first photo was taken around 8 pm on my way to via Frattina. The second and third photos were taken around 1 am when I was waiting for the night bus by Piazza San Silvestro. And the last photo was actually taken on my street in Montesacro, as I could not help myself and stopped to photograph a picture that was screaming to be taken!


  1. To me, there is notheing better than night photos, except for night photos in Rome. Something about scooters that causes us to pause and take a photo.

  2. Ciao Dusty, thanks for posting. Night photos in Rome are really something else. I’m not sure what it is, but the light is fantastic! Looking forward to checking out your blog as well.

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