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Friday on the Colle Oppio

Posted on Oct 10, 2008 | 6 comments

My colleagues and I had a Friday afternoon picnic on the Colle Oppio today (great idea P!). That’s correct, we basically lunched on top of the Domus Aurea. Since I knew there would be plenty of people watching, I made sure to have my camera. I must say, one of the best things about moving to Rome from New England is the weather. Though I miss my Fall leaves, pumpkin patches, and hot apple cider, it’s amazing that I can be out in a T-shirt in October. You’ll see a group of Spaniards next to us, smoking away and enjoying the sun, a nonna taking care of her grandson, and “Mr. Italia” enjoying a coffee with his friend at the small snack kiosk. A great end to the week!


  1. you are very lucky. i’m graduated as an historian, but i have always had a love of art. i would love to continue to see the great things of rome on this blog. very nice.

  2. You should have taken a picture of the weird guy on his way to Germany!
    By the way, did the picture with Meg’s glasses turn out ok?

  3. Thank you I.I. I’m so happy to hear you are liking the blog and I’ll definitely continue to post!

  4. The pic with Meg’s glasses looks quite cool and some of the ones I took of you are very cute. I’ll send you and Meg the photos via email tomorrow. Yea right…you guys freaked out when I turned my head to look at that guy, nevermind if I’d pointed my camera at him!

  5. Very well, I look forward to seeing the unpublished photos!

  6. I just sent you and Meg the others via photocast. I’ll call you at some point tomorrow from Venice.

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