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Protest in Piazza della Repubblica

Posted on Oct 30, 2008 | 2 comments

Today was quite an adventure getting to work when I had to get off my bus on via XX Settembre and walk the rest of the way due to protests in Piazza della Repubblica. Protests (manifestazioni) are very common here and I’ve gotten used to them. So what was the protest about today? Education minister Mariastella Gelmini has introduced reforms which call for shorter school days and a return to a single teacher classroom in primary school (Italian children are taught in teams of teachers now). Protests here are a little different than how I thought of them growing up in the US, as there’s no tear gas, riot police, etc. Think of it almost as a huge political social event, with young and old participating. I saw hoards to teenagers, older couples, and even families with small children. It was actually really cool…except for the traffic and delays it causes!

I didn’t have my normal camera with me, but happened to have our office camera (Cannon Powershot SD400) in my bag, so here are some snaps from this morning.

Here are some news articles about the education reform in Italy for those who want information in English:
Millions Protest Education Reforms
Italy Adopts Eduction Reform Amid Ongoing Student Protests


  1. these are so awesome! so nice to see a peaceful demonstration after the riots yesterday

  2. Yes, it was interesting to see since I normally steer clear of the protests. Definitely a family affair mixed with groups of kids skipping out on school. Don’t you have any good protest stories from back in your school days?

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