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The Apocalypse (ie American Apparel) is Upon Us

Posted on Oct 17, 2008 | 11 comments

I was on my way to get an afternoon coffee with my colleague Megan when I noticed this strange sign posted. A jewelry store recently closed in Monti and this was posted on the metal serranda. My first thought…only in Italy would an advertisement to hire someone be as ridiculous and vague as this. Obviously it’s meant to appeal to that fact that whatever is opening will be “fashionable.” Then Megan pointed out the email address at the bottom and yes, it’s actually an American Apparel opening in our beloved Monti. Why is this the apocalypse? This might be hard to understand without living here, but let’s remember that this is not Paris, where you can find the GAP and a number of other large retailers (whether they are American or not). While it’s ridiculous and frustrating at times, one of the great things about living in Italy is that even in the capital city the era of the mom and pop shop still thrives. I’ve come to appreciate the personal care and quality that you get at these places. These places are also what allows global individuality to thrive. And while I think Italy would benefit from opening up the market and being a bit more capitalistic, do I want it to become another America full of chain store and shopping malls? No! Don’t get me wrong, I grew up in a small town where that’s all we had and every time I go back home, Target is the first store I hit. Somehow here though, it just seems wrong. Plus, I really don’t want to have to deal with all the “cool” people who will shop at this place.


  1. come back to allston then! 🙂

    i know what you mean though, jess. we are experiencing gentrification slowly but surely here in allston/brighton. stinks.

  2. You actually bring up a good point. I shouldn’t limit this to just Italy in fact. I totally noticed that as well when we went out in Allston that a lot of the old shops I remembered were now gone in favor of newer, slicker places. Why is there an obsession with making everything the same??

  3. PS…I’ve just seen that people searching blogs for American Apparel are getting directed to this. Haha, probably not what they were hoping for!

  4. I saw it the other day, I thought I sent you guys a text about it..crazy..Monti is really becoming the uber hip hood of Rome.Hopefully Titta will come back and bring the hood back to its roots 🙂

  5. Oh man, I can’t wait until Titta makes her grand re-entry. I miss her crazy ramblings and cackling laugh. We need her back to balance out the Camper store and now this thing 🙁

  6. Can I work there–PLEASE:}

  7. Sure…they can ship you in from America. Just write Massimo from the sign and let me know what he says.

  8. NO!!! Why?

    Have you read the press on the founder/ceo. Very sleazy.

  9. Oooh no, I haven’t read things, but I’ll look it up online. Not shocking however, since their entire ad campaigns seem to be based on having the photos look like 70s porno.

  10. Browsing through your photos of a city I fell in love with. I am enjoying my visit to you blog.

    You have touched on a subject I detst, and that is large corporate chain and big box stores. That is about all we have left here in the states, sterile chain malls. Mom and pop shops are all but gone in the suburbs.

    I guess the end has begun, I remember seeing a McDonalds in Rome and Venice. McYuck.

  11. Thanks Dusty, glad to have you following. The McDonald’s here don’t bother me as much because you most see them is zones that are super touristy already or next to the train station. I guess I was so bothered because this is a pretty authentically Roman neighborhood, so sad to start seeing it go in another direction. The store is up now and thriving, so we’ll see what happens.

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