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Beautiful Curves at the Vatican

Posted on Nov 8, 2008 | 5 comments

I had to swing by the Vatican Museums for work on Friday so took some photos of the staircase built by Giuseppe Momo in the 1930s. Love the architectural lines it creates.


  1. Yum! They look like layers of chocolate!

  2. We went out a different door when we did the tour so I missed these steps.

    Great photo.

  3. Right, we normally have the docents sneak out the “secret” door in the Sistine to shoot over to St. Peter’s. This exit basically takes you to the same point as the entrance to the museums, so isn’t convenient if you want to visit the Basilica after. I had to run back to the office so I just did a quick swing around the Pinacoteca (I’ll post some of those photos later) and then went out this way to save time.

  4. Love the way this flows.

  5. Congratulations, a very nice blog!
    I like the photos !

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