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Posted on Nov 29, 2008 | 5 comments

I had Streetwatching before, so here’s a little “Buswatching.” I like catching people in candid moments, though you’ve got to be sneaky about it. I was on my way into town to take some photos (got a few cool things I’ll be posting) and had fun challenging myself to see if I could get an interesting shot of this guy without him realizing. Not too bad I think, no? Oh, and the fur trim on the girls’ jackets? Yeah, that’s all the rage here. Has been at least since I lived in Padova in 2001.


  1. funny!.
    I like your “watching” seriase.
    He was listning to the music by ear phone.
    So, I think he was all alone in his world.

  2. Yes, that is probably how I usually look too. I always have my ipod in and am thinking in my own world. I think it’s interesting to try to capture that about someone else.

  3. Very cool series! The composition is great!

  4. Thanks! I have to take the bus again in a few minutes and am bringing along my camera, let’s see if something else cool presents itself.

  5. Great shot.

    I like the how animated the two friends are while the guy listening to music alone.

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