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Cornetti at All Hours

Posted on Nov 24, 2008 | 8 comments

There’s a great little place in Piazza Sempione called L’Angolo Russo (The Russian Corner – I have no idea why). It’s always used as a point of reference for people in the area (“Ci incontriamo a Piazza Sempione, dove c’e’ L’Angolo Russo”) and one of the reasons it’s so great is that it’s ALWAYS open. And I mean always. 2 am – open. Sunday – open. That’s quite a feat because most things are closed by me late night or on Sundays. They have every type of cornetto (cream filled, plain, chocolate, marmalade) and donut (called a bomba, literally meaning bomb, which I think is so funny) you could dream of. Are they the best cornetti I’ve eaten in Rome? No. However, they aren’t bad at all and when it’s late night after being out at Brancaleone or on a Sunday afternoon, you are always glad a place like this is around. You can see here it’s pretty late and the place is packed. There are tons of late night bars like this all over the city. What are your favorites? P, I know you have one down by San Paolo that is your favorite.

PS. A big thank you to Kelly from Travellious for using my picture at Circolo degli Artist to illustrate “What’s Hot on the Net.” So exciting!


  1. well, this post reminds me of my youth!! Def Bar imperiali in Testaccio, but also il cornettaro in via Ottaviano. Both the best. I found the equivalent place in London, but not yet in Paris. Will keep looking

  2. Well don’t keep me in suspense, what’s the place in London? Even though it’s not Italian it’s still good to know!

  3. There’s a place near me in Trastevere, right before the station and the bridge underpass which leads you on to via Marconi called DAR MARITOZZARO, taking its name from their specialty, the maritozza alla panna (a sweet brioche-style bun, filled with fresh whipped cream). It only open at around midnight and stays open till around 5 for those in need of refueling after a night spent in Testaccio or Trastevere. Their cornetti are not half bad either!

  4. Great colours and lights too. Very cool!

  5. Meg – That reminds me of a place between Termini and Porta Pia that does the same thing. The pastry has a very specific name and it only opens its doors at midnight I think. I’ve gotta scope it out. Haha, maybe I’ll do a late night shoot as an excuse to get some dessert.

    Jm – Glad you like it. I like the way the neon frames the door.

  6. Prety lights, If I went along the bar, I would drop in.

    By the way, it seem not so cold yet,there in rome.

  7. You’re welcome! We love your site. I love the virtual tour you provide with your photos….it’s making me “homesick” for Italy.

  8. Nobu – It’s getting there as far as being cold (though in Rome it’s never as cold as what I was used to growing up in New England). More than anything it rains a lot in this season.

    Kelly -Glad you like it and hopefully you’ll get to come back soon!

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