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Farnese Fountains on a Rainy Night

Posted on Nov 23, 2008 | 12 comments

I have always loved Piazza Farnese, which is righ behind Campo de Fiori, and these fountains. They combine ancient bathing tubs from the Roman Empire with “newer” Renaissance elements, including the lily and lily pad (the Farnese family symbol). They were recently restored with some support from Roman fashion designer Laura Biagiotti. I had some time to kill waiting for friends in the area so went a little crazy with photos. It had just rained so everything was still a little wet (including me from leaning all over the fountain!). I really liked the color quality of the water and how its liquid quality showed a nice contrast with the hard architecture of the stone.

I would like to include one of these in my show so let me know which you guys think is the best!


  1. I pass these fountains everyday and never get sick of looking at them.

    I like all of the photos, especially the last photo.

    I hope you will let us know when and where your show is going to be.

  2. Love all the photos but if I have to choose-I like the first 2 the best

  3. These are beautiful jess. #2 is my favorite!

  4. Thanks for your votes you guys!

    NYC – The show will open with an aperitivo on Jan 23 and it’s at Gloss, a bar right behind Largo Argentina. I’ll post a full announcement when we get closer to the date. Hope you can come!

  5. Beutiful fhotos.

    I like first photo.
    Because the reflection on the wet edge of the fountain is impressive.
    I can have a feeling of ater rain in the night.

  6. Great shots! The fact that everything is wet make the photos look even better!

  7. Nobu – Thanks for your vote. It seems like the first 2 are winning (they’re my favorites anyway).

    JM – Yes, don’t you love how rain makes everything look better? Lucky me, because we seem to be getting a lot of it lately so at least there’s one benefit.

  8. Number one because it is straight out of a noir film and number three because of the architectural reflection doubling the image

  9. I lived in the Farnese Palace a few years back, as an international volunteer for the french embassy… And still dream of the place pretty often.
    I met my girlfriend there (she worked at the consulate behind, via giulia) and we’re in southern France now.

    But, a part of me is still in Italy, somewhere between il Campo and Trilussa 🙂

    Long live Roma !

    Jessica, Thank you for the photos!


  10. Wow Jaxx…beata te! How amazing you got to live and work there. Given your story I can understand why the place holds special meaning for you. Glad you found the blog and hope it brings back nice memories.

  11. Great shots!

  12. Thanks Dave!

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