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Fontana delle Naiadi, Piazza della Repubblica

Posted on Nov 9, 2008 | 2 comments

Every day I take the bus through Piazza della Repubblica and so look at this fountain. In my early art history days, I was so crazed with seeing the other “must sees” of Rome, I barely even registered this fountain. The bronze nymphs were sculpted by Mario Rutelli (the great grandfather of former mayor Francesco Rutelli) in first decade of the 20th century. The nymphs are quite erotic little creatures and with a push from P this afternoon, I got out to shoot them. I find it amazing to see the condition of the fountain as well. Even though it’s been restored several times, you can clearly see the effects of the water and pollution on the bronze. It was around 5 pm, so the sun was going down as I was snapping, which is why the sky will get progressively darker. The first is the Nymph of the Ocean, two and three are the Nymph of Underground Waters, and the fourth is the Nymph of the Rivers. There is also the Nymph of the Lakes, probably the most famous of the group, but I didn’t like how those came out.


  1. So strange, I have never really looked at that fountain. It’s beautiful.

  2. It’s definitely one that’s overlooked (not helped by the fact that the piazza is a den of traffic). It’s funny how one can forget to appreciate things that are more “modern” in Italy (I know I often do!).

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