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A Very Fendi Christmas — Lights in Largo Goldoni

Posted on Dec 24, 2008 | 10 comments

Fendi is synonymous with Rome, as the company was started by Adele Fendi in Rome, with its first shop on via del Plebiscito. I must say a lot of their stuff isn’t my style (though when my designer friend Jessica invited me to a Fendi warehouse sale, I jumped at the chance), but what they do with their flagship store for Christmas is spectacular.

Located in Largo Goldoni, right off the via del Corso (and opposite the start of via dei Condotti—the 5th Avenue of Rome), the store attaches this giant 3D Fendi belt that shines and shimmers as the building changes color. You can read about the history of the light project, which started in 2006, here (translated from Italian). The belt glints and shines, with white sparkling lights that look like jewels. That sense is pretty hard to capture in a photo, but they’re not half bad. You can see other shots of the lights on the Eternally Cool blog. I also found some pictures of the Fendi shop in NYC, where they have not one, but two belts! I’m going to go on a limb and guess that for once, Rome was ahead of the game and did this before NYC, but correct me if I’m wrong.


  1. Fabulous decoration on Fendi and fantastic night shots, as usual!
    Thank you for the congratulations.
    Have a happy Christmas!

  2. That’s a great photo. Must be spectacular in person

  3. I must admit, that is a great decoration. Happy Holidays.

  4. That sure is a nice decoration.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the frozen Tundra of Minnesota!

  5. The neon display and the architecture are spectacular indeed!

    Merry Christmas, Jessica. Thanks for visiting and following my blog.

    Bandung Daily Photo

  6. You have a wonderful blog and great pictures, by the way. I’ll put your blog in my blogroll.

  7. Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed the photo.

    Eki – Thank you for adding me to your blogroll. Bandung looks like a beautiful place.

  8. that is gorgeous. I’m with you…I’m more of a Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Tods fan when it comes to Italian designers but the Fendi building is stunning.

  9. p.s. – I meet Jessica two years ago when a friend of a friend took me to her shop. She is v. talented.

  10. So funny you’ve met Jess, it’s really a small world here. We go way back, actually studied abroad together. Her stuff is fantastic.


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