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Breakdancers on the via del Corso

Posted on Dec 20, 2008 | 7 comments

I was out doing my Christmas shopping and was lured by a huge crowd over to these breakdancers. They put on a cool show and the thing I was struck by (besides how talented they were) was how excited all the other guys in the group would get when one them did a good job. That’s why I picked this photo, because I think it captures that a bit. There are a lot of cool shots in the slideshow. One guy even takes his shirt completely off without ever stopping his moves. I found a clip on YouTube of the same crew, check it out:


  1. wow, great pictures but I’ll be honest and say I was focused on the great abs on those dudes flipped upside down.

  2. I know right!? The guy with his shirt half off in my slideshow has amazing abs as well. Note to self, if you want a boyfriend with an insane body, date a breakdancer 🙂

  3. How funny, the first thing I noticed was the abs, too! They look like a very talented group. Can you fix the youtube video so it works?

  4. Ciao Saretta. Odd, it works fine when I try it on my computer. Try this link. Can anyone else know let me know if they’ve tried it and it hasn’t worked?

  5. Fun to watch=the youtube worked fine for me

  6. They must be really good! Taking the shirt while performing is something I’ve never seen. Wow!
    Fantastic shots too!

  7. JM – yeah, they were really talented. apparently there is another group of guys who also dances in the same spot sometimes. they obviously practice alot and my friend told me they perform in clubs sometimes too.

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