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Buswatching 2

Posted on Dec 4, 2008 | 9 comments

For those of you who liked it the first time around…


  1. How do you manage to snap a pic without them noticing? I can never seem to do it without getting caught. 😉

  2. Mostly leave the camera on my lap and point at a good angle. Luckily the buses are noisy, which helps! Believe me, I’m waiting for the day when I get caught. “Ma che si fa!”

  3. I like this one-wonder what he’s thinking about. He looks pensive,sad.

  4. Really like that first one. Interesting color and composition, and conveys a bit of a bruting mood.

  5. Good shot Jess! Was this your bus home? The guy seemed very deep in his thinking

  6. Thanks guys! Honestly I think most people look like this when they’re just thinking to themselves (or maybe that’s just me!). Haha, we can think of this as a social experiment to see what people look like when they’re thinking.

    Petu – I was on my way to a dinner, so heading higher up in Montesacro.

  7. These shots are really great! I’m enjoying your bus travels very much.

  8. Hi Jessica, Jessica (in Verona) here! I have been meaning to come by and leave you a comment and I thought this would be the perfect time! I have been reading your blog for months now, just through a reader and it makes me a lazy commenter. Thanks for introducing yourself and for the great pictures!

  9. JM – Thanks JM, it’s kind of fun taking them. I feel very “covert” though my mother is now freaking out that people are going the catch me and yell at me 🙂

    Jessica – Ciao! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a message. Glad you’re enjoying the blog and hope it gives you some memories of Rome. Hope all is well in Verona and look forward to reading how things are going in the future there.

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