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Cimitero Verano II

Posted on Dec 17, 2008 | 11 comments

Sculptures adorning the gates of the Cimitero Verano. There are four total and I’m sure they each signify something, but I don’t know much about them. Anyone have any information?


  1. Wow! Jessica, I think these are my favourites!!! Fantastic compositions and framings! The photos look so dramatic, terrific work!

  2. Am going to Rome during 2nd week of January. Am so excited and I’ve been looking at your photos to find out more about the city.

  3. JM – Wow, thanks so much. I was thinking about putting one in my show, but now I definitely will!

    Ming – That’s great! If you’re interested in doing any tours while you’re in town, you should check out Context Travel.

  4. It looks as though their arms are outstretched to welcome the souls that are buried there. Good photo work

  5. Beautiful nightshots. Welcome to the world of taking great shots and then not being able to find any info. I knwo it sounds strange but trip advisor often have great tourist tips on there that might help pinpoint the info you need.

  6. Those photos are so haunting and mystical looking – I love them!

  7. Thanks everyone, I think the first one is going to go into the show.

  8. These are so moving against the night sky.

  9. Thank you MK. I thought the sky made a nice backdrop as well and I like how you can even make out a star!

  10. The top photo here is really eye catching. Well done for capturing it at that great angle and lighting.

  11. Thanks Dave. I checked out your site, it’s incredible. You have some great shots on there as well.

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