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Lanificio 159

Posted on Dec 22, 2008 | 3 comments

The other night I finally ventured out to Lanificio 159 to check out the Vice Italia party being held there. Like many of the more interesting places to go out here, the Lanificio is in an occupied warehouse on the via Pietralata. Finally something near my house! The top photos is of the deck, which has a great view of the Aniene passing in front of it. Like many of the places here, it’s completely out of the center and I can’t imagine you’d know about it unless you lived here or were part of the European art and music scene. Definitely a cool crowd and I got a few shots of the British indie band Thecocknbullkid. I only stayed for them because I had to get out of there (otherwise I never would have made it to work the next day). I love the top photo because of all the colors and the silhouette the people are making. The last photo is of a cute photographer there, who of course I didn’t talk to because I’m a shy idiot!


  1. I love the first photo too.
    It is fantastic.

  2. The colour in this is fantastic. Next time take a deep breathe and don’t be so shy.

  3. Thanks Nobu! Their colors are great there.

    Babooshka – yes, I loved the colors of the club overall. I will be braver next time! Rome is small when it comes to going out to things like this, so I will cross my fingers I will get another chance.

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