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Screaming Ballerinas @ Lian Club

Posted on Dec 14, 2008 | 2 comments

I went out with a friend to the San Lorenzo neighborhood to see a a British band Screaming Ballerinas play at Lian Club. San Lorenzo isn’t an area I go out in a lot because it’s a pain to reach from my house with public transport, but last night reminded me I should go out here more often. It’s a young crowd in the area, due to its proximity to the Sapienza and there are a lot of good, low-key bars and clubs. I used to go see shows like this all the time when I lived in London and this reminded me of how much I missed that.

These are two of my favorite shots of the night, I’ve got to say that the lead singer is really beautiful and has a lot of energy, which I had fun trying to capture.


  1. Hey…thanks for these pics.
    We often have british bands in Rome…we are Popcorn Chic Indie Venue and if you want find out more infos about us here:

  2. Ciao, I’m glad you like them. I’ll check out your blog so I can make it to the next event.

    A presto

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