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The Tunnel

Posted on Dec 19, 2008 | 4 comments

Some shots of the Umberto I tunnel, which connects via Nazionale to via Tritone. The tunnel used to be pretty dingy and the air quality inside was horrible. It made you not want to walk through, even though it’s a nice shortcut to take. The tunnel was closed for repairs for quite awhile and reopened in its current state in September 2007. I always noticed how bright and white it was, but it wasn’t until looking up info for this blog post that I learned the paint has special properties that helps combate air pollutants. I guess that also explains why the air inside is much more pleasant! Good to see the city of Rome thinking about these things (well, at least they were when Veltroni was in charge).


  1. fabulous photos

  2. Like these tunnel photos, especially the first one. Looking forward to your Christmas in Italy photos.

  3. very cool photos. I’ve walked through that tunnel and had no idea about the special paint. Good to know.

  4. Thanks guys.

    Snap, not sure how Christmasy my photos will be, but I’ll do my best!

    NYC – I had no idea either until I was looking up info for this blog post. That’s one good thing about the blog, gets you finding out info you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

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