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"You call yourself free, but you are just a servant"

Posted on Dec 3, 2008 | 7 comments

Same place, different time.

Graffiti in front of the Moses fountain (under restoration) on via VE Orlandi. First shot at 4:40 pm, second shot at 5:04 pm.


  1. wow. Look how different the light is less than an hour later.

  2. Love the way the sunset glows on the building in the second photo

  3. Only an hour later?
    Thoes photos have diffrent in impression.
    Every things might be deformed always by light and darlness.

  4. Hello there, I should say as well that I might have cheated. I need to also write the exif details, as they might not be set in the same way. (It was definitely darker though!)

  5. Beautiful shots. I wonder how many people that pass the sign actually take notice. Most passersby are either rushing along towards Termini or headed to Santa Maria della Vittoria to view Bernini’s Ecstasy of St Teresa.

  6. Ciao Katie – I think not any actually. I stood there forever taking pictures (couldn’t get any I was 100% happy with) and not one single person even looked at it. Staring out the window on the bus pays off, that’s how I saw it.

  7. Great light at night! Love it!

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