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Foggy Night

Posted on Jan 1, 2009 | 3 comments

I went out on my terrace to hang out my laundry and noticed that fog had rolled in over the park. It’s been rainy and cold all day—great start to 2009! I immediately grabbed my camera and took some photos to share. The fog and the color of the lights gives a spooky feel to the whole thing. It doesn’t even look like the same park I’m used to!

I hope everyone had a safe New Year’s. I went out dancing in Testaccio with my colleague M and had a great time (though our tired feet barely made the walk home). Unfortunately, as happens every year here, some people got carried away with fireworks and guns, creating some tragedy around the holiday.


  1. Stellar images, Jessica. And damn spooky too. Right place, right time.

  2. Lovely photos.

    Living in a country where fireworks and guns are illegal, our holiday tragedies usually involve our sporting teams losing!

    I hope you have a fantastic 2009!

    Sunshine Coast Daily – Australia

  3. I love fog. We don’t get to much in our part of the country.

    Happy New Year!

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