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Golden Light in Rome

Posted on Jan 21, 2009 | 8 comments

Apartments on the Batteria Nomentana captured during the hour before sunset. I liked the contrast between the warmth of the orange hued building and the coldness of the white structure. Plus I always like architecture with curves.

If you didn’t have a chance to read it yesterday, please head over to Travellious where Kelly was kind enough to include me in their Insider the Traveler’s Mind series.

Only 2 days left until the show! One of my very nice friends here is going to help me bring all the artwork to the venue tomorrow…thank god for friends with cars!


  1. this is brilliant!!!

    congratulations on being featured on global post!!

  2. Thanks MagicEye, it was a very pleasant and exciting surprise to be included!

  3. Jessica I liked the interview and Stumbled it.

    The light in Rome is just incredible.

  4. Great shots. Afternoon light is amazing. I like city shots with a little of it peaking thru.

    Good luck with the show.


    and this blog.

    will be back!


  6. Thanks Stevo, the show went great!

    Hey Fly, glad to have on the blog and even gladder that you like it!

  7. this is a great set..i like the architecture of the buildings..

    do you use twitter??.. if so check out.. its nothing dodgy… honest if it is then @trcwest is a fake…LOL

    please spread the love on twitter and comment.. the more the meryer

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