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Posted on Jan 28, 2009 | 5 comments

I continued the tradition this morning and brought my camera with me on my way to work, looking for things to shoot before I arrived. This shot is a doorway on via del Boschetto. As I couldn’t think of exactly how to explain it, my trusty colleague M, said the best way to describe an officina is that it’s a sort of workspace, most often for mechanics. In fact, Lanificio 159, is an ex-officina, which explains how spacious it is. Not sure how big the interior of this workspace could be though, since this area is older and the buildings smaller. Sometimes carpenters or woodworkers also have an officina where they do their work. I love this aspect of Italy, all the small shops and workspaces that pop up on the ground level of the buildings, just as they’ve been doing for thousands of years.

By the way, if you haven’t had a chance to stop by yet, tonight and tomorrow night are the last evenings to see my works hanging in Gloss. I also just saw that this will be my 96th post…almost at 100!! It’s flown by fast.


  1. "officina"->"office" but not for businessman 😉

  2. Ciao Bau! Yes, exactly. While literally translated officina means “office” the hard part is that we wouldn’t use the word office in English to describe the type of place an officina is. I guess workshop is the closest I could think of, but sometimes my English fails me 😉

  3. Complimenti per il blog, bellissimo.
    Judging from your photos I judge you live near Batteria Nomentana, I wasn’t that far – Via Tagliamento, close to Viale Reggina Margherita.

  4. Stunning shot, Jessica. Gritty, with great flow. I’m adding you to my Blog Directory Page.

  5. Manzi – Ah yes, I know via Tagliamento. I live in the Montesacro/Talenti area, but not necessarily Batteria Nomentana 🙂

    Stevo -Wow, thanks so much…it’s very appreciated!

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