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The Elevator

Posted on Jan 13, 2009 | 7 comments

Here are some shots of my elevator. The reddish coloring in the first shot comes from my hand partially covering the pop-up flash (which I try to avoid using) on the camera. I think it gives a creepy vibe ala “The Shining.” The button outside you use to call it is up first. The green light “presente,” means that it’s at my floor. The red light “occupato” means that it’s busy. This is an old school elevator, you cannot press more than one button at a time when choosing the floors to drop off. When I enter the elevator with someone I don’t know, we always ask each other what floor we’re getting off at. I live on the top floor, so they are always getting off before me and therefore press their button first. Once they’ve gotten out and closed the doors, I can press my button to continue on. The second photo shows some of the call button on the interior of the elevator.

There’s also no stopping the elevator from the outside once someone is already in. The means, while I’m taking the elevator down, someone on the 2nd floor can’t call the elevator and have it stop there before going to the bottom floor. Now that’s what I call old school, no computer to give it these complex commands. The third shot shows the elevator in motion from the inside. So yes, while I was fooling around inside, no one could use it. Don’t worry, I only went up and down a few times. ๐Ÿ™‚

The last thing that shocked me when I moved in was how small it was. I measured it (see what research I do for you dear readers!) and it’s a spacious 2 ft 9 in x 3 ft 4 in (84 cm x 100 cm). I can still remember loading all my bags inside and barely fitting in. However, this is the norm in a lot of European cities. Just as the apartments are smaller, so are the elevators, especially since many buildings had elevators inserted many years after they were already built. I’m lucky, many very old buildings don’t even have them! As I said, I’m on the top floor so I’d probably be much skinnier than I am now if that was the case.

I’m very happy tonight because when I returned home from work I discovered that my blog have been written up by That’s brought in a lot of Italian visitors, which I’m very happy about. Just as I want this blog to show Rome to people who live abroad, I’m very excited to share my photos with Italians and hope they will continue to post comments to create a lively discussion. (And now for the translation…..)

Stasera sono molto contenta perche quando mi sono ritornata da lavoro, ho visto che il mio blog e’ stato segnalato da Adesso ci sono tanti italiano che hanno visto il blog e sono molto felice per questo fatto. Non voglio solo mostrare la mia visione di Roma ai stranieri ma anche con italiani. Spero che continuano a mettere i sui commenti per creare un discorso anche piu’ vivace.


  1. I’m one of those who came trough Clickblog… your blog is amazing, i’m Roman, i live in Rome and i love to take pics of my city and i love/hate it.. as a true Roman does.. i like a lot your blog, i red all.. and i mean ALL your post tonight i like the way you look at us, at the city, that now is also your city, because you look free from a lot of prejudice foreigners seem to have, your pics are dricet and somehow “innocent” in looking and your words complete the image i personally like to give to the world o my city, showing its beautiful things that are as many as its big defects!

    Keep up the excellent job!

    BTW: i have your blog in my feedreader so i’ll always be up to date!

  2. That first photo is def. very “The Shining” like.

    Your eye is just amazing. I love how you sometimes photograph things we past by everyday and through your lens these things become art.

  3. 3mendo – Wow, thank you so much for your kind words. Coming from a Roman, I am happy to hear that you think I am representing the city in a good light. I must say I sometimes love and hate Rome as well, but I think that is normal for any place you live after some time. There is always the brutti ma buoni (good and ugly). Glad to hear you will continue to follow along and I look forward to reading more comments in the future.

    NYC – Glad you like the pictures. I’ve been in that elevator a million times but last night a light bulb went off that it would make for some great pictures. The red color was an experiment gone right, it’s always fun to play around.

  4. Jess- So funny, I immediately thought of ‘The Shining’ when I saw these photos. They’re great…some of my favorite so far.
    Congrats with getting noticed on Clickblog…you’re blowing up girl!

  5. Ciao Jess – They’re some of my favorites too! Funny sometimes how inspiration can strike in the strangest of places. Haha oh yes, my roommates are teasing me saying I’m going to be “famous” now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I read the news on CDP and went to the Global Post site to find your photos. After a little bit of search, there it is. Congratulations!!

  7. Thanks Kate! I was a pleasant and unexpected surprise to be asked for inclusion in such a great site. I’ll need to don a reporter’s hat and do some photo investigating!

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