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38 Leopardo by Jessica Harris – ‘Fenech 5’ Fashion Show, Part II

Posted on Feb 3, 2009 | 4 comments

Yesterday I brought you the behind the scenes of Jessica Harris‘ fashion show, while today I give you actual shots of the presentation. I must say it was quite difficult to capture, as the lighting was not uniform, which different colored lights that were flashing all the time. The shots I was able to get were when the lights were flashing a nice gray color. I must say I also realized the limitations of my lens because even with my most open aperture of f/4 I had to use ISO 1600. This unfortunately created some noise on the photos that I’m not very happy with, but considering the circumstances I am pleased with these shots. The first photo is my favorite, but I love the last one, when the girls are green, as they noticed me below and posed for me. I think the atmosphere really captured the kind of 70s sexy feel that Jessica was hoping for and the crowd really enjoyed the presentation. Each girl appeared twice, the second time taking off their out layer to reveal a second outfit underneath.

Enjoy the photos and enjoy the fashion, which I hope proves that Milan is not the only creative center for fashion in Italy.

Update: I’m happy to have anyone use the photos to publicize Jessica’s work, but if you are downloading the photos from the site, please just send me an email to let me know where they are appearing so I can make note of it and be sure I’m credited. Thanks!


  1. Fantastic shots, Jessica! Great coverage of the fashion show!

  2. While I’m sure the light was a challenge, I love the effect it gave to your shots! Brava Jess! Wish I could’ve been at the show. Ang

  3. Γ¨ il genere di scatti che sempre voluto realizzare… era a Roma questo shooting? mi chiami se e quando ce ne saranno altri? πŸ™‚

  4. JM – Thanks so much, glad you like them!

    Ciao Ang! Wish you could have been there as well. Welcome to the blog πŸ˜‰

    David – Si’ e’ stato a un locale in EUR. Certamente Jessica fara’ qualcosa anche nella primavera e ti faccio sapere.

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