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G7 Security

Posted on Feb 15, 2009 | 9 comments

I have one or two more pictures from San Lorenzo I want to post, but I’m breaking to write about this shot, which I took yesterday afternoon. I was sitting on my bus, waiting for it to leave Piazza Venezia (so yes, it’s taken through a glass window). There was a lot of security all throughout Rome yesterday because of the G7 talks that were being held here on Feb 13 and 14. This is the first of many meetings that Rome will be holding in 2009, as it’s Rome’s turn in the rotation. You can read the results of the meeting on the International Herald Tribune. There was an interesting deep blue color to the sky and I liked the idea of trying to squash all these layers together — the people walking, the Guardia di Finanza vans, and then the monuments of ancient Rome in the background. Why is the pictures sideways? Because it’s boring to have it straight!


  1. Love the picture. The sky is an incredible color. I like the sun shining on the buildings and the traffic and police in the shadows.Good job

  2. this picture has amazing content and color…it could never be boring!

  3. Striking!

  4. As a Roman i really hate this international role Italy has… anything passes trough Rome, when bush came it was total panic, when theese things happen, Rome is partially closed, almost everyday there is some strike, parade or something… why don’t they just do it in the country?? Our traffic is terrific without theese aids!

    True thought of a frustrated roman!

    (quite different point of view eh eh)

  5. Thanks for the compliments everyone! 3mendo, I actually totally agree! I was going to write that I hate these things because they always screw up the way I get home and then it takes forever to arrive. As I normally need to pass by Pzza Repubblica and Termini, it’s always my buses that get deviated, etc. I remember I was in Venice when Bush was in town and even there the trains got screwed up because they blocked everything in fear of the protests! I wish they could come up with better ways to handle these things, though Saturday wasn’t so bad.

  6. why the guardia di finanza? haven’t they paid their taxes?

  7. Hi Tim – The Guardia di Finanza falls under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Finance and Economy, so being a economic summit, they were probably called into duty. They actually do a lot more than just taxes, they also investigate counterfeiting, drug trafficking, immigration and border control, and run anti-Mafia operations. Busy people those Guardia!

  8. Very cool photo.

    As a former New Yorker I’m used to traffic getting screwed up whenever the President, parade etc. is in town. After a while you just roll with it.

    You can’t hold these meetings in the country. Not practical.

  9. Stunning photo. Great colors. The angle and sky are both amazing.

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