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Monday Morning / Lunedi’ Mattina — Part I

Posted on Feb 23, 2009 | 19 comments

Anyone following me on Twitter knows that I announced last night that I decided to do a little photo story for my next entry. It’s always good to challenge yourself, so I decided to capture what a typical Monday morning is like for me. It was definitely a challenge to get shots of some of the things as they whizzed by, but overall I’m fairly pleased with the result. The other reason for me doing this was that I thought that perhaps my morning routine here in Rome, though normal for me now, might be a bit different to people not living here. Or perhaps it’s the same, but just with different scenery. It would be great to see this series done by many different people in many different places, to see how different and similar we all really are.

I thought about doing explanation for each photo, but I think the point of an exercise like this is that the photos speak for themselves. What do you guys think? Do the photos tell a story? What’s your morning routine like? For instance, I know if I were back in the US, I’d most likely be taking a car on the highway to get to work, whereas here I’m using public transit.

This is part I, showing from getting ready in my apartment to hitting the bus downtown. Tune in tomorrow for part II!


  1. This is one of the funniest post ever, with good and interesting photos of simple everyday objects.

    I can’t wait for part II!

  2. I like the idea and execution! Great job!

  3. Hey Jessica,
    Even though you take a bus to work, I can tell you have worn down the heels of your shoes walking in Rome as I have in the past,

  4. Oops! I should ad I like the idea and the pix!

  5. Ciao Vogon – Thanks so much. I tried to mix in the everyday objects of life with the more unique things of Rome.

    Thanks Peter! Also for the RT on Twitter.

    Hi Joan – Glad you like the idea. Haha, I was slightly embarrassed of the shoe photo because I was like “wow, those are worn down!” But I tend to do that with shoes. Get a pair and wear them nonstop until they’re useless. I will say, the cobblestones do a number on shoes in general.

  6. By the way Vogon, I’d love to see your version of the project! We can spread it across Italy 🙂

  7. These are really lovely, Jessica. I love how you’ve captured the mundane objects of your morning with such beauty.

    Austin has one complaint, he wanted to see the shoes the lady in the red hat was wearing. 😉

  8. Ciao Kelly and thanks. I couldn’t see her shoes! This was taken from inside the bus so I didn’t have much choice in what sort of view I had. I bet they were fierce though.

  9. This is a really cool idea.. as i told you some posts ago, i like the way you look at this city, and this is a cool way to show how crowded life is, around ancient remains and modern buildings here, all mixed in an busy ethernal movement that have been going on in the same way for about 3.000 years! Anyway I like the pic of the woman with red hat cuz it gives a peek of the scooters crowd you can see at any traffic light, it explains really something people often does not believe… eh eh eh!

    A part of city shots i have to tell you have an amazing eye, the shoes photo is so well done in composition and light… lovely!

  10. the final shot of the woman in the red hat (taken through bus window?) is just brilliant…

  11. una serie davvero interessante! mi piace molto. sei brava

  12. 3mendo – Thank you very much for your compliment, I’m glad you are enjoying my views of the city. For the photo of the lady with the red hat, I was actually trying to capture all the motorini at the stop light and she stepped in the frame so got included. Turned out quite well! Two typical Roman things, fashionable ladies and motorini.

    Debs – Funny thing is that I was annoyed when she got “in the way” at first, but then I was like “wow, this is even better!”

    Davide – Grazie mille! Era un’idea al volo ma mi sembra che a tutti piace!

  13. sempre più brava . ciao arzach

  14. fantastic!

    I love the woman in the red hat as well.

  15. Grazie Arzach!

    Thanks NYC – as my mom said “the lady in the red hat is the star of the show!”

  16. I am absolutely loving the feel and energy of this series. It speaks to the originating hustle and frenzy and ordered chaos seen in Latin cities worldwide, even in the few “quiet” shots.

  17. Ciao Fly Brother – That’s really interesting. I’ve never been to Latin America, but I’m not surprised there are some similarities with Italy (and probably other Mediterranean European countries as well)

  18. 84 is my bus! 😀
    I really like your photos 😉

  19. Ciao Suali – I’m glad you like the blog. 84 is my bus too! 😉

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