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Monday Morning / Lunedi’ Mattina — Part II

Posted on Feb 23, 2009 | 14 comments

Thanks to those of you who took the time to leave comments and tell me what you thought of part I of my Monday Morning / Lunedi’ Mattina experience. Today we’re off the bus, into the crowds headed to work with my reward awaiting me at the end. That’s my delicious cappuccino and chocolate-hazelnut cornetto that I have almost every day at the bar by work. I’m telling you, if I ever leave Rome for some reason, I’ll dream of that breakfast!

By the way, doing this made me look for some things I hadn’t before. The newsstand I show is only one of three I photographed on the way to work…which were only three of probably about ten I spotted on the way in. Also, yes mom, I did take that picture of the Vittoriano in the middle of the street, but I checked to make sure there was no oncoming traffic first.

By the way, I was just asked yesterday by Gloss, where I had my show at the end of January, to display some pieces from that show as part of a collective exhibit going up on Friday. So, that means if you didn’t have a chance the first time (or want to see some of the stuff again), come to the opening on Friday, February 27 (photos will stay up through the evening of March 5).


  1. OMG that cappuccino looks good.

  2. Wonderful the detail of the “pezzo”. Again, nice idea!

  3. So cool! Our morning routine is always so pleasant and seeing it through your pictures makes it even more interesting.Now you need to show the pics to Iura and Pietro

  4. I know just where that breakfast came from and I want one now. Thanks for checking the traffic first but I can’t believe there wasn’t any knowing Rome.

  5. Looks amazing, photos are brilliant. Thank you for sharing with us all!

    Cappucino and pastry looks tasty

  6. Snap – Oh it tastes as good as it looks!

    Vogon – Glad you like it! I have a new 50 mm lens so I’ve been trying it out.

    Petu – Our routine is pretty damn cool! I told Iura about the photos so I’ll give them the blog address tomorrow.

    Nonna – I swear there wasn’t! That street is closed to normal traffic, so only buses, taxis, and authorized cars can go down it.

    Anne – My pleasure! I’m glad you liked it…now run out and get a cappuccino!

  7. Great idea, Jessica! And great coverage too! Mondays are awful but you make them look cool! 🙂

  8. Remind me, Jessica, next time I am in Rome to find a chocolate/hazlenut cornetto. (Is it Nutella, maybe?) I love my hotel and its hard roll breakfast, but I certainly could replace it for a splurge!

  9. NOw you have to do tuesday, wednesday, thursday, etc etc..

  10. Hi JM – Thanks! They are still Mondays, but a little brighter with the beauty of Rome. Now you have to show us what Monday in Oeiras looks like!

    Joan – It’s similar to Nutella for sure, but it tastes like they use a higher quality chocolate so it’s even better! Let me know the next time you’re in town and I’ll point you in the right direction.

    Petu – Sadly I think they’d mostly look the same! PS. You have left your “signature” once again 🙂

  11. So Roman!

    I feel these photos really captured the energy of the city. I can’t wait until the weather gets warmer.

  12. Beautiful! I loved spending the morning in another country!

  13. NYC – Yeah looking at the ones in this post, I am pretty happy with how they capture things. When it gets warmer it will be even better! Even today everyone was out relaxing in the piazza.

    Lonebeader – Glad you like the series and happy that I was able to give you a glimpse of a Roman morning

  14. I loved this series of two posts of a Monday Morning. Great photos. It really made me feel like I was joining you along the beginning of your day.

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