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Mystery Door

Posted on Feb 13, 2009 | 3 comments

Walking down the street I couldn’t help but notice this strange little door. It was shorter than I am, so I’m not so sure what it leads to. Maybe there are steps down into a basement shop or office? There was no sign, so I really have no idea, but I liked the contrast of the metal and purple graffiti. I also really liked the little mail slot, which they’ve kindly labeled themselves (“posta”). Anyone know this door or what it leads to?


  1. Too funny, i took some shots of this door today, yes i go around taking shots sometimes when my job lets me.. at the firts sight i said “How did a pic of mine end on the net..” i had quite a shiver…

    Anyway the door leads to a pub, called “camelot” or “lancelot” something like that, that is quite confortable in terms of space ad has nothing peculiar but a big variety of boardgames… not bigger than dreamstime pub, that is in S. Lorenzo too.

  2. 3mendo – It would be great to see your photos sometime. I see we have the same eye. So funny, I think I’ve been to this bar and didn’t even realize! I’ve been one or two times to a bar in San Lorenzo that has a good amount of space, stairs that lead downstair, and lots of board games. It might be this but I didn’t recognize it in the morning. Great eye and thanks again for helping explain.

  3. How interesting! I also love that the door says “Guess!” I guess you don’t have to guess anymore now! 😛

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