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San Lorenzo Street Art III: Mural

Posted on Feb 16, 2009 | 6 comments

So, I saved my favorite for last. (In case you missed it, check out my blog on stickers/posters and serrande). This piece of street art is possibly one of the most haunting pieces of art I’ve seen in quite awhile. I’ve chosen a close up of the eyes so you can see how sorrowfully the artist has rendered them and also because I think it really captures how painterly this depiction of the boy is. Really I can’t even fathom the skill it takes to do something like this with spray paint. Those of you who live in Rome, go see this mural for yourself! It’s really incredible and honestly I want to make another trip to San Lorenzo just to see it. It’s located right outside one corner of Piazza Immacolata. Interestingly, on Flickr I found photos of the work in progress. It’s crazy the lengths the artist has gone through to stay hidden, and to be honest I figured it was done late at night, not in broad daylight. Seeing him work actually reminds me of the process that fresco painters go through, with skimming a light coating of plaster and sketching out your work before beginning. If someone knows the artist, send him my compliments! As for what the writing underneath says, if I’m reading the handwriting correctly in Italian it’s “ovunque se no ho cibo, nel mio piatto… ‘sfruttamento’ -GuS 09” To be honest I’m not completely sure of the correct sense in English, but it’s literally translated as “everywhere if I don’t have food on my plate… exploitation.”

In personal photography news, a friend of mine has asked me to take photos for a line of petticoats that she designs. They’re bright and colorful and we’re going to do something fun and urban to match. I’m very excited about this and hope I don’t mess up! We’re meeting tomorrow night to talk more about it, so wish me luck!


  1. That is amazing! I’d translate it as “wherever I don’t have food, there’s exploitation in my plate.” What do you think?

  2. It is such a haunting painting. I keep going back to it. The artist is a true artist capturing the sorrow and pain of an immigrant I am assuming. Bravo

  3. hey !! very cool your pictures , i love your blog, the colour …

  4. unbelievable. I cannot believe it’s spray paint.

    good luck with your shoot.

  5. great stuff

  6. superb

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