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San Lorenzo

Posted on Feb 10, 2009 | 7 comments

I really enjoyed spending the last week posting photos from Trastevere, so I decided to cover another neighborhood this week. On Sunday I set out for a few hours in the San Lorenzo neighborhood of Rome. Those of you unfamiliar with the area, please get ready for a completely different side of Rome, for this is not a neighborhood with monuments on the tourist track or grand fountains, but one that is a very vibrant part of Roman life. I’ve already posted a few photos taken in the quartiere, two posts on the gates of the Verano Cemetery (see here and here) and shots from the Screaming Ballerinas concert, which was at a club in the area.

San Lorenzo is essentially squashed between the Verano Cemetery and Termini Station and was built up in the late 1800s as an industrial neighborhood for factory workers. You can see this in the “new” architecture of the buildings, as well as some of the abandoned factories. The neighborhood had the misfortune to be the most bombed in Rome during WWII, and on July 19, 1943 Allied forces released 3000 bombs, causing many fatalities. These scars still show in some of the architecture of the neighborhood, which has now been reborn as the most youthful area of Rome. By this I mean that it’s hugely populated by students and there are, in fact, a few university departments located here. La Sapienza, Rome’s public university, is located close by, making San Lorenzo a fantastic mix of young students who are passionate about art, politics, food, and music. I went during the day, so this really is a bit of a misrepresentation, for at night the streets are packed. San Lorenzo has some great restaurants (the pizzeria Formula Uno on via degli Equi is a favorite of mine), bars, and shops. If you want to see where young Italian hang out, this is it. This also means that there is a lot of street art in San Lorenzo. And yes, I say street art and not graffiti because I feel like graffiti has a bad stigma associated with it and the posts I’ll be featuring about street art will hopefully show you just how beautiful and creative some of it can be.

Well that’s my introduction to the neighborhood, stay tuned over the following days for more to come.

In other news, I’ve recently expanded my Flickr account and have begun to upload my archive of photos and will be continuing to put more in from now on. I never have enough space on the blog to put all that I shoot, so if you like what you see and want more, please feel free to check it out.


  1. FANTASTIC Black and Whites! I especially love the graffiti. What a lucky gal to live in Rome!


    Tillicum (Almost) Daily Photo

  2. Thanks Christina and thanks for leaving a comment. I am definitely lucky and I know it! I couldn’t think of a better city to photograph.

  3. Too funny you like the Formula 1, is one of my friends’ and mine favourites to celebrate something!

    I like S. Lorenzo too… but unfortunately there are a lot of people really beahving badly in the streets.. and i hate those who don’t keep theyr huge dogs festened!

  4. I think everyone likes Formula 1….that’s why it’s always so crowded! Yeah, I suppose at night it can get kind of rowdy. Are you talking about the punkabestie or others?

  5. Dear Jessy,
    I have read you for abt 2 months and this is first time I am going to write something..I enjoy in easiness which is in your texts…Impressive for me is that you are Miss/Mrs Guide for Rome although you are not from Rome…

  6. Yes Jessica, looks like that to be a real punkabbestia you have to have a huge dog… not a probl but i’d prefer to see them on a leash.. i had a bad experience about that… anyway this is just personal.. S.Lorenzo is the youngest place in Rome, industrial architecture and good time always.. and Thursday is the day students mainly go out there.. dunno why.. i used to go on Thursday too… when i was a student eh eh eh!

  7. Ciao Silwy – Thanks for commenting and for reading along with us! It makes me happy to hear that you like the text and the photos. And even happier that you think I’m giving some good insight into Rome.

    3mendo – Very true about Thursday. I’m not sure why either to be honest. Working has taken the will out of me to want to go out late during the week!

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