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Street Artist Urka Exhibits at Strike

Posted on Feb 20, 2009 | 3 comments

One of the coolest things about this blog is that I’ve ended up meeting some really interesting people. After I posted my blog on stickers and posters in San Lorenzo, I was contacted by one of the artists. He invited me to see an exhibit they were holding for Urka, whose work is shown in the stickers and posters blog (the last two photos). The exhibit, titled “User Friendly. Amici Elettronici per Utenti Domestici”, was held in a centro sociale by the Tiburtina called Strike. As with most centri sociali it was in a pretty desolate area, so luckily my friend Jessica agreed to accompany me. The night was very cool, with interesting people and cheap beer for everyone. It was really interesting to see what Urka came up with in a setting that is a bit different, as he was able to work on canvas and what appeared to be corrugated cardboard. Having the whole room to himself, there was a continuity to the work. The two photos I’m posting here are details of larger pieces, but give you an idea of his work. The second photo is enhanced by the clothes hanging next to the piece, which relate to the painted machines. I loved the bold colors and the crisp lines he uses. I look forward to seeing future exhibits with different artists as well. You can see more photos of the Urka exhibit and the centro sociale Strike in my Flickr album. The exhibit will stay up at Strike through March 12.


  1. very talented

  2. hi..thank you for your support and for came to my expo..



  3. Ciao Urka…it was my pleasure. Your stuff is fantastic and I hope I have another chance to see it! A presto.

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