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Afternoon of the via dei Fori Imperiali

Posted on Mar 19, 2009 | 11 comments

Souvenirs and scooters. Daily life carries on for the people who live here, even in the areas where most tourists visit.


  1. Rome is such a showplace, I’m sure the residents just get used to it.

  2. ooohh pretty! makes me *almost* miss living and scootering there 😉

  3. Ciao Rambling, yes you definitely get used to it. Life swirls on around you!

    Ma dai Jessica…come on? Don’t you miss it even a little? 😉

    Bath – Thank you so much! When I do my next post I’ll be sure to pass along the award to others. It’s my first one!

  4. Very good, Jessica. This is sharp as a tack, and I love the saturated lighting. Did you set your camera on Vivid? What sets it off so nicely is the slight blur of the folks on the scooter!

  5. Hi Jacob. I always keep my camera set to “Faithful” unless I’m shooting black and white. I must admit that in this case I did use auto-levels in photoshops to make the whites better, but otherwise all is as it was. I liked the scooter too. I had some shots without but they were all boring, so it really does make a difference.

  6. Hi back, Jessica…

    Some cameras have a built-in vivid quality – or it may just have been the lighting at the time…

    I like bright, bold colors (except for people shots) so I often set my camera to vivid and occasionally bump up the saturation a notch or two.

    If you want great information on how to set cameras or just about anything else photographic, go to:

    He’s amazing!

  7. Love the scooter in the foreground. I’m having a hard time placing exactly where this is.

  8. Jacob – Thanks for the link… I’ll check it out!

    NYC – It’s via dei Fori Imperiali, right by where it meets via Cavour.

  9. Congratulations on the photos. This is by far my favorite souvenir stand in Rome– and you caught it well. Love your blog.

  10. Ciao Moscerina – Thanks, I take it as a high compliment, seriously. Funnily enough, the guy running the souvenir stand right next to the Vittoriano was also wearing a green sweater. It must have been “green shirt day” for the stand guys.

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