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Ai Tre Scalini

Posted on Mar 25, 2009 | 4 comments

Last night I went for a post-work drink with my friends Katie and Megan at one of our usual spots, Ai Tre Scalini. I love this bar because it’s cozy and comfortable with a laid back atmosphere. You can get a beer, like I did, or a glass of wine (they always have a blackboard with 5 or 6 selections of reds and whites by the glass). They’ll give you some nibbles, as you can see above, but my favorite is the dried chickpeas, which you can see pictured in the foreground of the third photo. I’ve never had dried chickpeas in my life, and in fact I’m not sure if I’ve had them at other places other than Tre Scalini, but they’re amazing. A weird little texture that somehow goes great with a glass of beer. We also usually get coppiette, which is a dried pork jerky usually mixed with peperoncino for a little spice. We didn’t eat anything last night, but you’ll also find a small selection of food on the blackboard, which makes for a quick and tasty meal. My personal favorites are the Greek salad, eggplant parmigiana, and the polpette in sugo (meatballs in sauce).

I hope these shots give you a little sense of the ambience. Be warned that the bar is fairly small and very, very popular, so get there early if you want to sit. Otherwise you can join the rest of the crowd gathered around the door and spilled outside sipping their drinks.

Ai Tre Scalini
via Panisperna 251


  1. Stunning photos with a lot of atmosphere. Well done:-)

  2. An friend from Milan took me to the place a few months back…I loved it and def. need to go back.

  3. Hi Christopher – Thanks very much, glad you like them!

    NYC – Yes, it’s awesome…and open every day!

  4. I shouldn’t have looked at this when I was hungry. Great pix, Jessica!

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