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Casina delle Civette

Posted on Mar 10, 2009 | 6 comments

Yes, we are still in Rome….you have not wandered into the wrong blog. It might seem a bit odd, but Swiss looking cottage actually is located in the Villa Torlonia. Named the Casina delle Civette (House of the Owls), it was built in the mid-1800s and was inhabited by members of the Torlonia family until 1938! I’d seen photos of the cottage before and this was actually my main reason for coming to Villa Torlonia. I’m really intrigued by different architectural styles and it’s so fantastic that in Rome your eye has so many different types of architecture to feast on! Apparently the house was in a bad state of repair, like so much of the park, but was restored from 1992-1997 and now looks fantastic. You can see a photo of the building in disrepair on the official Villa Torlonia website, which I suggest looking at, as it has a lot of photos and is quite informative. The building is now a museum, though I wasn’t quite sure how you enter! Anyway, it was the architecture I was after and I love the intricate brick work and stained glass. If you are looking for something different to do, definitely stop by.


  1. wow! I remember playing there when I was a kid and the casina was a complete wreck. Looks beautiful now! d

  2. interesting photos-so much to look at-I’ll have to visit it next time in Rome

  3. Beautiful!
    Especially I love those windows.

  4. I think it’s outrageous, fantastic and absolutely fascinating all at the same time! And I can totally understand how you couldn’t find the entrance to the museum ;D

  5. Dario – Now you will have to go and visit when you are in town! They’ve really done a beautiful job.

    Nobu – Ciao! It’s been awhile. The windows are fantastic, no? There is some amazing stained glass on the building.

    Hilda – Yes, very over the top. I found the front door, but it didn’t seem like it was open. Oh well, just an excuse to go back.

  6. Very interesting architecture! Peculiar captures!

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