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Posted on Mar 5, 2009 | 6 comments

Last night I went to an aperitivo at Etabli’, a wine bar and restaurant located not far from Piazza Navona. It was the opening of a new initiative they’re doing every Wednesday, when they will display works of art by different artists, have aperitivo, and have a dj play some music. I’ve got to say the place was pretty packed with a fun and young crowd, all packed into the front two rooms, which is the bar area. The whole place is decorated in a French country style, which is pretty unusual for Rome and there’s even a fireplace! I’ve got to say I’ve had a mixed relationship with this place. I first went for drinks right when it opened a few years ago and it was great. Warm, inviting, with a good aperitivo spread. Based on that experience I’d always recommended it. Then I went around Christmas to have drinks with people and was informed there was no more aperitivo (even though they were still charge €7 or €8 for a glass of wine!) and we were shunted off into a tiny side room because we hadn’t reserved for dinner. I guess they were trying to make it more exclusive? Whatever it was, it left a bad taste in my mouth, which I was sad about. However, I’ve got to say that last night was great and reminded me of why I liked it in the first place. So let’s hope that’s the direction they keep doing in. I know a couple people in town who are friendly with the owners and assure me it was a fluke.

As for the art on display last night, there was a selection of fourteen or so photographs by Dario Lucarini, many of which depicted his trips to Porto, Portugal. They were really nice, with great composition and color. I spoke to Martina, who is organizing the evenings there and I should be having photographs up sometime in the spring. In the meantime, if you are a painting, sculptor, photographer in Rome who wants to get some exposure, look them up and tell them you would be interested in participating.

Here are some shots from the evening that depict the atmosphere inside the bar…enjoy!


  1. Crazy, I had that same problem recently when we went–no aperitivo, 7euro for a glass of OK nero d’avola, and sitting alone in that side room off to the left (until they put some extra people in there too). It was like the potential coziness of the place was sorta stolen away from under us. I’ll try a Wednesday instead… maybe 😉

  2. Good to know it wasn’t just me!!! Yeah, go on a Wednesday, the atmosphere was totally different. Maybe economic times are causing them to be nicer 🙂

  3. great photos Jessica.

    It was the first time I’ve been back in while. I didn’t realize they were going to be doing this every Wednesday.

    Let us know when your photos are going up!

  4. Thanks NYC….it was nice to hang out the other night. Yes, this past week was the inauguration of the event and they’ll be doing it from now on.

  5. Hi Jessica very nice pic’s!
    I’ve never had the problems that you and Jordan wrote about…,
    I’ve been to Etablì for the first time last June, and since than every time I’m in town I go there either to eat or to drink, and also the prices are good…unles you prefer to stand up in the middle of Campo dei Fiori in front of the Vineria paying a little less for a little portion of wine in a small plastic glass and also paying for some chips, completely different atmosphere and sensations, depends what you look for! I’m from Barcelona, I use to manage a bar here, many years ago, and it could happen that sometimes, somebody gets a bad impression for “some” reason, but generally speaking I think that Etablì is a great place and very unique for Roma!

  6. Ciao Rodrigo…thanks for stopping by! Good to know your take on the place as well. I guess my point of comparison are other places like Freni e Frizioni, Societe Lutece, etc where you pay the same type of prices. But yes, you are right that sometimes you can get a bad impression on the wrong reason and like I said, I’m glad I went on Wednesday to try it again, as it was a great time. The only reason I’d been so disappointed about my other experience was because I’d gone when it first opened and it was so great!

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