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Posted on Mar 15, 2009 | 8 comments

One of the first posts on this blog was a photo of the gasometro in Ostiense and I took more (and better) photos of it the other night. I’m in love with the amazing shape of it and it really is one of the distinctive features of this neighborhood.


  1. Interesting shapes indeed. Looks like you got Venus in the photo too.

  2. These are magnificent. Nature’s palette against man made industrial objects is so striking.

  3. Keep it up and you’re going to have to hang some of these in a museum!

    I really like the first two shots! Beautiful work!

  4. Stunning images. I can see why you fell in love.

  5. These photo are outrageously beautiful.

    What time of day did you take them?

  6. Snap – Is it Venus? Haha, I thought it was just a star! Shows what a good astronomer I am 😉

    Babooshka – Yes, it makes for some great shots, especially with the sky being so blue.

    Jacob – Wow, you are making me blush! Grazie per i complimenti.

    Steve – Thanks for the comment, I’m sure this won’t be the last time I photograph this site.

    NYC – It was around 6:30 pm I believe.

  7. These are great! (making excellent use of newly acquired tripod eh?) I’ll be back to rome on monday, but then will have to travel just before and just after Easter. Will try to come by and say hallo… and I’d be very happy for some night photo sessions (or just drinks… or both…). ciao and congratulations! d.

  8. Ciao D – Actually this is with no tripod! Same for the Piramide shot. This new lens with the image stabilizer is amazing. Let’s talk when you are in town and we’ll come up with a time to get together.


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