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Hanging Out

Posted on Mar 12, 2009 | 8 comments

Right after I finished capturing the Roman Sunset last Friday, I hiked up the stairs toward San Pietro in Vincoli. Unfortunately the church was already closed, but I did get this shot of a group of Spanish teenagers hanging out in front. I think you really get the sense that they are friends and having a nice time together.


  1. Great capture! Wonderful, vivacious photo! Great colours!

  2. This is a super night shot, with great colors…it is interesting in this case, no one is paying any attention to you at all…or else they knew they were being photographed and were acting shyly…

  3. Love that church and that piazza. Ahhhh, Roma…

  4. what a natural and spontaneous photo. great light and night shot

  5. Love italy, really lovely blog..

  6. Beautifyl lights.
    And The scean has nice atmosphere.

  7. Thanks everyone…glad you like it! Jacob, I’m not sure if they noticed. I wasn’t standing that far away, but they might have thought I was taking a pic of something else. Otherwise I think they were so wrapped up in what they were talking about that no one noticed.

  8. Nice shot!
    This will be an unforgetable memory for them.

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