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In attesa

Posted on Mar 26, 2009 | 7 comments

In attesa means in anticipation or waiting for. I took this photo at the beginning of the via Portonaccio, which is not far from Stazione Tiburtina. Some people don’t realize, but Rome has several smaller train stations besides Termini. Stazione Tiburtina is one of those stations. It’s also a large bus depot, and you will find buses to Calabria, Siena, etc. I was lucky to get this clear shot, as the via Portonaccio was humming with rush hour traffic. Luckily I managed to fire this one off in between cars.

I was walking back to the station after taking photos of the setup for the new exhibit opening tomorrow at Strike. You may remember that I posted last month about the Urka exhibit there and UNO, who helps coordinate the shows, was nice enough to invite me to watch them hang the newest show, which is by the artist HOPNN. I promised that I wouldn’t post photos that gave away too much *rightly so), so I’ll just link you to a few for a sneak peak…for the rest you’ll have to go tomorrow!

It’s winding down toward the end of the week and coming up things look busier than ever. Early next week I’ll be helping out the girls from Go Galavanting film a webisode about Rome. I’ll be testing how my photography skills translate to video.

Also, check out a list of Top 10 Rome Blogs I was asked to create for There’s some good stuff on there (if I do say so myself!). Ok, enough PR. Time to get some rest.


  1. Jess- bellissima foto! I have to say it in Italian because it really comes from the heart

  2. love this one so much…great colors and textures!

  3. jess! your photos are getting better and better! A+ !

  4. Great photos. Your photographic skills are really growing. And being asked to write blog reviews to boot! Good job.

  5. OK, Jessica!
    Thanks to you I now have five more Rome sections on my igoogle page. If I could read Italian I would probably have a couple more. Now if I can only remember to go to igoogle at least every other day!
    Thanks for helping to feed my love for Rome

  6. Hi guys….thank you for your nice feedback! Practice makes perfect (or better at least!). It means a lot coming from you all who are my friends 🙂

    Joan, now you have to start taking Italian lessons as well to keep up with the latest news!

  7. The colours in this photo are wonderful. I now have a new favourite phrase – 'In Attesa' – thank you!

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