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March Theme Day: Glass

Posted on Mar 1, 2009 | 8 comments

This month I’m participating in City Daily Photo‘s Theme Day, which is glass. This is a photo I took through the glass of the Swarovski Crystal store in Piazza Mattei. I liked the play of shadow across the mannequin’s face. In the background you can see the cascades of Swarovski crystals streaming down from the ceiling. I always wondered who shops in these stores. I saw through the window that they do have clothing, luggage, etc. For some reason this store always reminds me either of airport or the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut. I’d be interested to know how a shop like this is doing during the economic crisis.

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  1. beautiful

  2. What a beautiful shot. So many wonderful textures, colours and light. Great choice for today.

  3. Gorgeous shots! I really like you have posted the same subject with different focus.

  4. Thank you for the comment that you left in response to my comment on JM’s Oeiras, Portugal Daily Photo site.

    I have left a response on JM’s site to your comment.

    I should have added that the little story I told about the glass salesman in Murano was very out of character for Italians. My experiences as a tourist during my 6 trips to Italy have been wonderful.

    I even chose Italy as a place to travel with a group of family and friends and had 16 people in our group for a 2 week trip that my wife and I put together. We are now planning to put together another trip for our friends, and we have again chosen Italy as our destination.

  5. Thanks everyone, glad you liked the shots! JM, glad you appreciated the two focus points, I thought both gave interesting feels to the photo.

    Hi Dave, thanks for your comment. Don’t worry, I didn’t think you were bashing Italians, just wanted to give a tip to everyone since I work with Venice a lot and I know a lot of people encounter similar things…unfortunately not everyone goes back more than once so they are left with a bad impression! Where in Italy will you be visiting this time? Let me know if you need any tips!

  6. I like very much!!!!


  7. oh…if you'd like you can join our photoclub. we have a theme every month, its real fun meeting other photographers too!

    This month's theme is TEXTURE

  8. Thanks Desi, I'll check it out!

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