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Posted on Mar 14, 2009 | 9 comments

We have everything here in Rome, which is why no matter what happens or what anyone says about this city, you really have to tip your hat to it. And yes, we even have a pyramid! The tomb of a certain Caius Cestius, it was built between 18 – 12 BC and only the pyramids in Giza are taller than this Roman imitation. You can see the influence of Egypt all around in Rome, just check out some of the obelisks that were hauled back here by Roman Emperors. I can certainly see why they’d want to draw a connection between their empire and the advanced empire of the Egyptians. Behind the pyramid you can see another section of the Aurelian Wall, just like in my photo of San Giovanni. There are inscriptions all over the pyramid, including one that tells us that it took 330 days to construct. Pierreci, an association that manages a lot of the most important sites in the city, does guided visits in Italian on the second and fourth Saturday of the month at 11 am. If you are curious to take a peak, the pyramid is pretty easy to find, as it’s right in front of the Piramide metro station, just south of the Circus Maximus.

Per informazione sulla Piramide in Italiano, vedi ArchInForm.


  1. I’ve been to Rome so many times and I’ve never noticed this pyramid. My husband says I must be blind!

  2. Great shot. I had no idea there was a pyramid in Rome.

  3. I’ve only been to Rome once – a long time ago…I didn’t notice the pyramid, either. Of course, it may not have been built then…

    You’re getting this night shooting down cold! When I saw that first picture, my mind said “Wheeee!”

    Super job!

  4. I remember seeing this pyramid when we took the train to Ostia. Great shot

  5. Hehe it does exist everyone, I promise! However, it’s just in an area of town that most tourists won’t go to (unless your taking the train to Ostia – which leaves right next to Piramide metro). The funny thing is that most tourist maps end right at the Colosseum, as though the rest of southern Rome doesn’t exist or has nothing of interest, when in fact, it does.

    Jacob – Yes! I was testing out my new lens, which is an 18 – 55 mm, but has an image stabilizer built in so helps with these shots since I don’t use a tripod. 1 s shutter speed on these—freehand!

  6. Well, Jessica, that lens is a goodie. It must be fast, too, for you to be to handhold and get a shot like this!

  7. Very cool. You know you’re not really that far from Egypt. The pyramids and Cairo museum are awesome.

  8. evocativa la prima foto con quelle strisce di luce. Bella . Ciao

  9. That is why I love Rome…you drive around (literally) ruins dating back farther than you can ever imagine. There is no shortage of interesting and seemingly out of place monuments/structures everywhere you look.

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