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Posted on Mar 20, 2009 | 7 comments

A woman begging for change on via dei Fori Imperiali. You’ll see this all over the place, much more than I was used to even in Boston. This is prime real estate though, I bet she earns well. Both photos were taken yesterday, with the top photo shot about 45 minutes after the first.

In blog news, I want to say thank you to Giovanni at for writing a nice article about me after an impromptu interview via Twitter. L’intervista e’ in italiano cosi’ e come sempre sono contenta che piu’ italiani avranno l’opportunita’ di vedere il mio blog.

Bath Daily Photo was nice enough to include me in one of their seven nominations as a Kreativ Blogger. Thanks very much!

My nominations:

Prague Daily Photo
Istanbul Daily Photo
Twin City Photos
Oeiras and Environs Daily Photo
Beeps and Chirps
Scarlett Lion

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  1. It breaks my heart to see the less fortunate on the city streets. Great capture of this, indeed.

    First time on your blog – love it!

  2. I agree with Nancy!
    Unfortunatelly we allways had beggars here, but now there are even more coming from abroad and according to how this woman looks I believe she’s not italian.

    Jessica, congratulations on your award, I really think you deserve it! Thank you very much for passing it to me, I feel very honored and I do accept it with joy, but, as I previously explained, I simply can’t choose a few among all the great blogs I follow… So, I hope you understand. Thank you so much.

  3. Nancy, don’t let it break your heart! These are well-trained beggars who know exactly what they are doing. They are the same ones who haunt the Eiffel Tower in Paris…day and night. One of them conned me good along the Seine!

    And they are con artists extraordinaire!

    Nice shots, Jessica…

  4. Hi Nancy – Glad you found the blog and hope you’ll be back. Yes, I wouldn’t feel too bad for this woman, she probably earns more a day than I do working the streets!

    JM – No problem about the award, I certainly understand.

    Jacob – Yes, it very much depends. Some people are really not well off and some are scammers. Hard to tell sometimes.

  5. Sorry about my tardy response, but been traveling a bit plus totally overworked. Thanks much for the award. As JM, I have difficulty choosing a few of the many blogs I follow, and don’t want to offend anyone by not including them.

  6. Great website Jessica! Congratulations- it is well put together and your photos and blog are great.
    Regarding the begging woman, these women make me very sad. They are part of the gypsy community and their job description is rather brutal: laying on the street all day in the cold or hot blaring sun, bundled up in a big jacket and sweaters, often twitching or moaning to get attention. The only way they can be seen as fortunate is that they are not like their co-workers whose limbs or faces have been purposely mutilated in order to make money on them. Their money is not kept by them either since it goes back to the gypsy Don. It is a brutal life. Babies are used as bait for money. Young girls are disguised under scarves and walk with twisted feet shaking their cans with few coins in them. They are like cookie cutter reproductions all over the city- each one performing a life of servitude with no education or chance of a future. Unfortunately it is the gypsy mafia which keeps them in this state and even those who would like to escape and live a different life cannot do so. No intermarrying is tolerated. Children are not allowed to go to school even though the Italian state requires it. These women are a sad testament to society and you have captured it well.

  7. Sienna, this is a fabulous comment that sums up things better than I could have written myself! Thank you and I'm glad you enjoy the blog.

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