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"Scendi alla Prossima?"

Posted on Mar 5, 2009 | 4 comments

As loyal readers know, I am a bus rider here in Rome (see Buswatching and Buswatching 2). This is a shot of the exit sign that flashes when you push the button to signal your stop. It was a calm night on the bus, but watch out! People here are serious about making sure they are near the exit when the door opens. Even if you move to the exit in an obvious manner, you will still be asked “Ma scendi alla prossima?” (Um, are you getting out at the next stop?), for fear that you will angrily block the exit and not let anyone off the bus. Ok, it is annoying, but then I’ve also seen bus drivers open and shut the doors after 2 seconds, sometimes even trapping some poor soul’s finger or body! Oh the joys of the bus…at least it’s never boring.


  1. Ah ah ah.. it’s too true!! “Scusi, che scende alla prossima?” it’s also a common cabaret sketch… and i swear i heard it also in some elevator in malls!

    BTW the shot is magnificient!

  2. Here in Yorkshire it is much the same, you really have to look like you want to get off. Great photos, love the composition.

  3. Yeah, I was used to the jockying for position to get off the bus so you can imagine what I did when the bus from downtown Cleveland back to the car park pulls up and comes to a complete stop, and only the people in the first row stood up. I rushed to the front, and as I did realized that each consecutive row was standing as it was their turn to exit the bus. !!??? I’ve never seen anything like it. The entire bus of people emptied like that and I was the asshole that ran to the front of the bus. I think I found my next blog entry.

  4. Reporting from Prague: Same behavior here, too 🙂 But after 18 years of active usage of public transport I’m rarely surprised by anyone’s behavior. The most valuable thing I’ve learnt so far is when there’s anything strange happening in bus, tram or metro (from a guy pretending he’s a chicken to two guys pretending they gonna kill each other)… check if you still have your wallet and keep an eye on it till you get off.

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