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Posted on Mar 21, 2009 | 6 comments

Inspired by this photo on Flickr, I decided to take some pictures of my stendino. Stendino means drying rack and it is oh so important here, because almost no one owns a dryer. Coming from the land of clothes dryers, this was a huge shock. What do you mean no warm and fluffy towels??!?? Oh the horror. I’ve gotten used to it by now, but I’ll say that one of the highlights of my trips home (no offense friends and family) is finally being able to put my stuff in the dryer. Nothing beats a pair of jeans first worn after coming out of the dryer.

Here in Rome I’m lucky that we have a large terrace, so big enough for a few different drying racks to be outside. I have friends without that sort of space so they have to cram something inside their apartments. Not fun. It’s also not fun in the rainy season, when it’s so damp outside it takes days for things to dry. Forget about being spontaneous with your wardrobe!


  1. Ugh, my love/hate relationship with the stendino. I love the word stendino, because it’s perfect for it – but I hate everything else about it. How have you been surviving with all that rain you’ve had this winter?! We’ve been luckier over here.

  2. Next time I’m in Rome, I’m definitely buying a stendino. Can’t find a good drying rack here in L.A. for all my sports attire that would die in the dryer.

  3. Miss Expatria – It is a perfect word isn’t it? Luckily the stendino I use is under the covered part of our terrace, so even when it rains, the clothes don’t get wet. It has, however, been a nightmare for drying time. The stendino is something you tolerate, but never fully love.

    Mcemsh – You can’t get on out there? I used to have one from Target for my college dorm, but it was a standing one.

  4. Fascinating how a piece of everday life can before an art object. Good job, Jessica!

    I’ve been trying to “pin” down your style and now I think I’ve got it…you are an artiste!

  5. Eh eh.. a stendino is a pain.. time spent playing tetris with underwear, jeans, shirts and whatever… pin here.. pin there.. eh eh.. but it has two enormous advantages.. if you put a t-shirt or a pair of trousers in the correct way, you almost don’t have to iron them later and, not to be underestimated in theese times.. it is truly Eco-Friendly!

  6. Wow thanks Jacob đŸ™‚ I try

    3mendo – Ooh, yes, getting the “pining” technique is very key and I forgot to write about that. It took me awhile to figure out. The thing is, if you take your clothes right out of the dryer then you don’t need to iron them either. So yeah, I guess the eco-friendly advantage is one of the few this method has!

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