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Street Art by Pirateria

Posted on Mar 16, 2009 | 5 comments

Mural by Pirateria off the via Ostiense, right by the Garbatella metro stop. I first saw this mural photographed on romedailyphoto, so was quite happy when I came upon it myself.


  1. Congratulations. These are great photos. The colors, depth…

  2. the grafitti is wicked! great capture. thanks for sharing them out.

  3. It’s creative, for sure. And your photo is excellent. But is this really a “mural,” or just grafitti?

  4. Good to see that Romans are a little bit more creative with their graffiti then they used to be. When I was in Rome the standard act of vandalism involved spraying a… penis shape.

  5. Thanks Istanbul and Diverter!

    Hi Jacob…hmm well whatever you want to call it, mural, graffiti, etc, I still like it. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, no? 🙂

    Lawrence – Haha, that cracks me up. Oh, you still see that as well and the graffiti isn’t near the levels I see in cities like Barcelona or Berlin, but some of it is quite good.

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