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Walk the Dog

Posted on Mar 3, 2009 | 9 comments

After my exhibit opening on Friday at Gloss, I took a stroll around the side streets near Campo de’ Fiori. I was taking pictures of this trash bin, which is wheeled around during the day by AMA employees to pick up litter, when this couple walking their dogs strolled by. I always get questions about what areas of Rome are “safe” and if you can walk around at night. And I continue to say that by and large, Rome (and Italy in general) IS really safe. Especially in any area a tourist would really be walking around. There are some areas in the periphery of Rome that can be dodgy, but I honestly can’t imagine why someone who doesn’t live here would even be there. Now, am I saying you should walk around alone at night without being aware of your surroundings? No. Certainly Rome is a city and you need to watch out for petty crime (wallets, cell phones, bags, etc). Do you want to be vary of crowds of drunk people late at night? Probably, as people tend to do stupid things when they’re drunk. But I think if you pay attention and are a little savvy, I’d say that Rome is safer than most big cities I’ve ever lived in or visited. What do you think?


  1. such great light and night atmosphere

  2. Need I comment about walking alone late at night anywhere. I think you hear my voice:)

  3. i LOVE this photo! i think you know why 🙂
    i imagine rome being safer than what we experienced in barcelona…

  4. Rome and Italy in general is safer than most places but you still have to be aware.You’ll find your share of dogs Goldie-you’ll have to go.Everyone should go to Italy at least once in their lifetime.

  5. I agree. That stats agree too. This is the safest big city I have ever lived in. Los Angeles, Washington DC and NYC def. have more violent crime, esp. the first two.

  6. On my first business trip to Italy many years ago I was quite paranoid, because some of my co-workers had been either pick pocketed, or downright robbed. One had his passport lifted and then had to buy it back. Business men are easy to spot.

    Recent trips though haven’t felt that way. We dress casual now, and there’s normally 2 or 3 of us. Also need to be aware of crowds of people which start making a commotion around you.

  7. Nonna – If it were up to you I’d have an escorted security detail at all times! 😉

    Goldie – Haha, I knew you’d comment on this photo! Funny thing I was just telling Petulia the other day that all of your Barcelona photos were of dogs. Man, that dude was creepy! Then it got me thinking about all the other weird things in Barcelona. But honestly everyone I know who has gone there comes back with a strange story.

    Snap – I definitely think how you dress and hold yourself has a direct relation to the amount of petty theft you will experience. Unfortunately these guys have radar for people that stick out and I see a lot of people who make easy targets bc they’re so caught up in figuring out where they are and what they’re doing that they leave themselves open to be robbed.

  8. I visited Rome a few years ago and was a bit concerned when my traveling companions and I stepped off the train. We couldn't read the graffiti and, being from Chicago, we automatically assumed there were gangs in the area. However, some fellow travelers assured us that all we had to worry about were pickpockets and flirting men. I felt quite safe for my entire stay.

  9. Ciao Sarah, yes it definitely means something a bit different than in the US. I always get asked about "bad areas" in town etc, but as I tell people, Rome is very safe and while there are some bad areas, they're way out and I can't imagine why anyone visiting the city would ever go there or even know how to get there!

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