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Easter in Frascati

Posted on Apr 13, 2009 | 6 comments

Yesterday I spent Easter in Frascati with a group of friends, where we enjoyed an awesome lunch at the Peccato di Gola restaurant. And while we aren’t in Rome, I’m featuring Frascati on the blog because it’s an extremely short train ride from Rome (just after Campanelle, home of my beloved Lidia Togni circus) and is in an area of Lazio that many Romans frequent when wanting to get away from the city. Frascati is probably most famous for its white wine, which is one of the more well known Lazio wines, as well as the amazingly delicious porchetta.

While I’ve visited other towns in the Castelli Romani-Frascati is just one of nine comunes at the foothills Alban Hills that make up the Castelli-I’d never been to Frascati itself. I’m definitely going to go back now that I realize how close, and how beautiful, it really is. So many people come to Rome and then think they need to do to Tuscany to enjoy the countryside, but that’s completely untrue. The Castelli Romani are full of amazing sites, scenery, and food! And the best part is that they’re mostly frequented by Italians, so you will be completely off the tourist radar.

I didn’t have my camera with me (see yesterday’s post for an explanation of my idiocy), so the pictures aren’t at a maximum. Even though Katie’s camera is a better model than mine, I was reminded how much you get used to your own equipment and their settings. You’ll see pictures of the church of San Pietro Apostoli, some side streets, as well as a porchetta stand in the Piazza del Mercato, which is filled with food kiosks.

Oh and for a real treat, head over to Katie Parla’s blog, Parla Food to check out her funny commentary of the Three Breasted Woman of Frascati (photos by me)….and no, you didn’t misread that.


  1. amazing shot of the pigeon flying by-sounded like a great time

  2. Ha! I totally have a pic of that yellow pork stand from last weekend! Seriously, how effing awesome is Frascati.

  3. I love Frascati. I love that it is cheap and easy to get to. I love the porchetta! I usually get to Frascati once or twice during my Roman sojourns. Didn’t have enough time to drag Scott up there. One bite of porchetta and he would have been totally hooked!

  4. Indeed great pics, Jessica. And would I ever like some porchetta. I checked out the link to the endowed cookie. Made me remember the treat from Cantania a nice little round cake with a bit of candy on top called St. Agatha’s breast though a less formal name was used by the guide.
    PS I can now get your pictures but it takes a long time for them to come up.

  5. Miss Expatria – Yes, Frascati is amazing. Haha I’m not surprised about the photo, that booth really stands out.

    DMae – How did I know that you had probably been there before?! You are the perfect Rome traveler…in fact, you definitely need to move. 🙂 Ah well, Scott doesn’t know what he missed!

    Joan – Really? I didn’t know there was a Catania version (yet somehow I can picture exactly how that tour guide described it). Sorry the pictures come up slow! I try to compress them as much as I can so they aren’t huge but still have good quality.

  6. I love your blog photos – especially the street scenes! Bravo! I’m new to CDP; I started the EAGAN daily photo. Greetings from Minnesota, USA

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