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Happy Sign

Posted on Apr 1, 2009 | 5 comments

There’s not much to really write about this except that it made me smile when I saw it. The crossing sign is already cute enough, with father and daughter running across the street, but the person who decided to add the balloon to the little girl’s hand is a genius. They should make them that way permanently.


  1. Cute indeed. And adding a balloon definitely would invoke many smiles and a little extra caution.

  2. Boy chasing girl, very Italian.

  3. That is too cute…I love the balloon.

    Makes forget it’s one of the over 400 hundred signs I need to learn before my darn written exam.

  4. Snap – Very true, it certainly got my attention!

    B Squared – Haha, I was going for the wholesome family vibe….but that is certainly true.

    NYC – Just remember this as visions of street signs dance in your head!

  5. good bye ciuciu- see you in 18 days!

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