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I Love Roma

Posted on Apr 23, 2009 | 5 comments

I’m going away for a long weekend and was just heading into the office to finish some last minute things when I spied this piece of paper on the ground. I love Roma with some flight information on the other side. I had to take out my camera and photograph it. Whoever you are, I’m glad you love Roma too.

While I’m gone I’m setting up some things to post and will be turning off comment moderation so your comments will go straight through (be good!). I’ll be back in Roma on Monday….see you then!

By the way, in blog news….I posted my first contribution (in Italian) to Le Strade delle Parole and I’ve also been chosen to be the Rome local expert on Planet Eye. They’ll basically pull in my blog feed to help more people discover Rome. Check out both sites, they’re very cool.


  1. I love Roma too, and think your blog is wonderful. Have been in Rome in spring twice over last few years and think it’s the most magical time there!
    SDP has had a 3rd birthday and you’re invited to the party!
    Sydney Daily Photo

  2. Roma è un posto straordinario, sempre nuovo per chi la sa guardare e dove è dolce vivere (a parte i casini vari)…

    forse è per questo che tutte le strade prima o poi portano a Roma, no?

  3. Planet Eye! So jealous that they’re just pulling your blog feed. I was their South of France expert for a while, sweet gig, and then they changed their payment structure and it became ridiculous – basically, 4x the amount of work with no promise of payment. WTF? So, kudos to you!

  4. nice shot!

    buon viaggio.

    (I’m taking the test next week so hopefully will have more time for apertivi and what not.)

  5. Very nice photo….

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