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La Posta

Posted on Apr 5, 2009 | 6 comments

This is a close up shot of a mail box in Trastevere. You’ll see it has two slots, one for mail within Rome and the provincia of Rome and one for “All other destinations.” Having to go to the post office here is seriously the worst punishment you could give me. It’s always ALWAYS packed with people and always ALWAYS slow. Many are open only until 2 pm, so everyone crams in to go their business at the same time. Normally there are lines for mailing and other lines for paying bills. Yes, maybe you don’t realize it, but you actually go to the post office to pay your bills. These days a lot of people have their bills taken directly via electronic debit from their account, but many still go to the post office and it creates huge lines. In fact, most of the post offices I’ve been to have more windows dedicated to this than to the actually mailing of mail, creating huge lines if you want to send something off. The central post office in Piazza San Silvestro is an exception because it’s huge and so there are probably five times the windows of anywhere else, but even there you get lines because it’s so central. I always go to the tabbachaio to buy stamps and mail things, as do most people I think. Unless you are doing a huge mailing or sending a bulky package, it’s just not worth the time to go there. The speed is weird too, sometimes letters from home can take 3 days, sometimes 3 weeks. It’s really just like a lottery! Ok, I’ll end here, as I could talk about the postal system all day.

Does anyone have any postal horror stories they’d like to tell?


  1. Fantastic image! I love the focus and the vibrancy of the colour. Really lovely.

  2. Great photo! Like vital colours!

  3. Gorgeous postal box! When I saw the top of the photo (only), I thought… someone else is into Rome’s Fascist-era post offices… then realized it was the box itself – still with the ’30s lettering… beautiful… And, going to the p.o. not so bad if you figure out the “take a number/letter” system and get into the right sequence for mailing … the least frequented window, as your comments point out.

  4. Jessica, I’m so sorry to hear about the earthquake! Hope eveything is Ok with you.

    Brilliant shot as usual! 🙂

  5. Ciao Bath Daily and m_m – Grazie mille! Glad you like the photos.

    Hi Dianne – Glad you found the blog and that you like the photo. The number/letter system is good….it’s just that even with that you can wait forever! Your site is great, by the way, definitely an idea I approve of.

    JM – All is well here! I woke up at 3:30 am to hear my glass lamps clanging together but I didn’t know what it was because my bed wasn’t shaking. I had no idea until this morning until I got a bunch of Twitter messages asking if I was ok. In the city center and further south people felt the buildings shake much more, but everything is ok here in Rome, not any damage really. We are fortunate!

  6. Great Color! Glad no damage occurred to your city. Unfortunately sounds like much damage occurred at the epicenter.

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