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Posted on Apr 24, 2009 | 7 comments

The newsstand. A fixture of every neighborhood and corner in the city, as you saw during my “Lunedi’ mattina” post. This particular newsstand is one I see every day in Piazza Madonna dei Monti and for the past five years has been run by Roberta, pictured with her cute dog. The edicola doesn’t just sell newspapers and magazine, but comic books, little children’s toys and trading cards, DVDs (I saw Desperate Housewives on sale), and cookbooks. It’s also a center for neighborhood chatter. Unfortunately a few weeks ago when I asked Roberta if I could photograph the newsstand, she informed me that she would be leaving at the end of April because the expenses were just too much to keep up. When she leaves it will be a sad day for Monti, as she’s such a part of the neighborhood.

Ci manchi Roberta! In bocca lupo per tutto che fai nel futuro!


  1. A great collage of photographs, all superb. I love Roberta and her little dog. How sad she will be leaving. Too many small businesses are closing down.

  2. Just a little remark

    ‘Ci manchi Roberta!’
    (or better ‘Ci mancherai Roberta!’)

    ‘In bocca lupo per tutto quello che farai nel futuro!’

  3. Che bello vedere l’edicola! Roberta ci mancherai. Good job Jess

  4. An interesting collection of images. I like the newsstand pictures. I like the dog and lady.

  5. We only have one newsstand left in town. What a shame.

  6. Oh, no. I will miss her and her dog. Even though I am only a transient in Monti, this stand was a part of my daily life in Rome.
    Sigh. Things change.

  7. Hey all! Thanks for your comments and the support. I’m sure Roberta would be appreciative! One thing though, the newsstand won’t disappear. This stand in particular is owned by the city, so will be rented out by another person. The real sad part is that it will be someone new and not the person who has been a part of the neighborhood!

    Oh and thanks for the Italian corrections. I literally was running all over the place trying to finish things on Thursday, so wasn’t doing it very carefully!

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