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Posted on Apr 28, 2009 | 6 comments

I’m back! Did you miss me? It was a nice weekend out and being away from Rome always reminds me of what a unique city it really is. Today’s shot is of postcards outside a souvenir shop on via Nazionale. As you can see the Pope and the standard sites (Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, etc) are all the rage. I’d been thinking last week about doing some postcards of certain images from the blog. What do you think dear readers? Would you be interested in something like that (haha and interested enough to pay for them)? Just throwing it out there and seeing what happens.

Back to the postcard images though, it’s interesting to think about what images define a place. For me though, they aren’t the images I think of per se when remembering a place though. I think that’s a more individual choice. I used to buy postcards a lot, though mainly of artwork, as the postcard images are always better than what I’m able to take. I still like to do that, but rarely buy the regular ones. That’s probably because they look like the ones in the photos though!


  1. I make my own postcards these days. But years ago when I did travel a bit I always sent out postcards from all the places I visited.

  2. I also take and make my own postcards…the only postcards I actually buy are vintage shots of Rome….you can pick up early 1900s vintage Rome postcards quite easily in local markets

  3. Of course, the Pope! LOL!

  4. I think making some postcards from your beautiful photos is a great idea!

  5. I am a postcard aholic! This post is so up my alley!

  6. Thanks for the comment everyone! Making your own postcards is quite easy these days and actually buying vintage images is a great idea!

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